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Every year, rejuvenation procedures grow in popularity in Russia and all over the world. Numerous techniques are represented in this growing and developing market for aesthetic medicine. They include contour plastic, Botox injections, chemical peels, mesotherapy, and many other minimally invasive techniques as well as plastic surgery.

The web-based NovoFace service, which you can acquaint yourself with on this site, will help you visualize the effect of various aesthetic procedures before they actually take place. Whether you are interested in contour plastic, botulinum toxin injections or plastic surgery, NovoFace is the right solution for you.

The NovoFace service allows you to see a possible result of the procedure (or surgery) before the procedure, so you can get a better understanding of what you will look like if you use any of the aesthetic medicine services.

The NovoFace application allows cosmetologists to better explain the effects of any of these procedures and help patients get a better understanding and form the most appropriate expectations from the procedures in their minds. Since every patient is different, it is necessary to choose the best surgical intervention for each patient on an individual basis. The usage of the NovoFace service during the consultation creates an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding between the doctor and the patient.

Placing the NovoFace service on the clinic's website allows it to differentiate itself from other clinics, thereby improving the strength of the clinic's brand and raising the perceived level of its prestige in the eyes of potential clients. Not only will the flow of the clinic's website visitors increase, but also will the level of patient literacy and training, thereby increasing the demand for aesthetic procedures.

NovoFace promotes the concept of patient education and creates more competent clients that understand the essence of different procedures and have an adequate expectation of the end result, thereby reducing the number of unsatisfied patients who had erroneous expectations. With NovoFace, no one will ever ask the doctor to increase the size of his lips with a Botox.

As a result, the aesthetic medicine market will grow more steadily and will now consist of more satisfied patients and fewer patients causing problems with their doctors. The mere appearance of the innovation will end up increasing the number of patients and drive up the profits of the clinic.

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